Timothy Olech

The Designs and Strange Journey of a Pixelated Mind
What I’m planning to investigate in my senior year is modularity used in design, 
paying close attention to the grid. I’ll be using simple, geometric, and repeatable 
forms in conjunction with different applications for creating a piece. Generative 
art is where this project is heading. I’ve been using a program called Processing 
that has been a huge tool for discoveries.

The idea of the pixel used in artwork is main design aesthetic as the pixel is 
essentially a modular element. I’ve always been interested in pixels and pixel 
art/sprite work for video games and that’s where draw inspiration from. Older 
video game had such limitations that the designers had to work around to create 
not only a visual appealing sprite, but clearly portrayed and most of these sprites 
would only be allowed to have 3 colors. This limitation of pallet is something I 
would also like to explore in my work.

The generative aspect was something that came later. It gave a new depth of 
interactivity and abstraction while still keeping the images in such simple geometric 
forms that I tend to aesthetically attach with. Generative art and Processing has 
opened to doors the new possibility and I’m excited to where it can go from here.

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