Gina DiPietro

Serial Imagery and Pattern Applications
The topic I wish to focus my attention on throughout my design seminar is pattern
making and its applications. I am interested in bringing what I have learned from graphic
design and applying it in new ways including designing for interiors. My goal is to complete
a series of pattern works that derive from photographic and hand manipulated sources of
serial imagery. I am very interested in this concept of pattern making and how patterns can
define spaces because I am interested in how people interact with spaces in cases of interior
design or interior architecture.

I would begin with source material including urban photographic studies of “screen”
patterns that I would further abstract through the creation of cyanotypes. In the beginning I
would work mostly by hand further abstracting the patterns generated by the cyanotypes via
other mixed media (stencil making, paper marbling, painting, or drawing) and then eventually
by imputing my source material digitally.

Ultimately, I hope to achieve rich patterns that develop through a process of
extraction and layering. All of my patterns will share a common source (urban “screens”)*
and they will be applied within the interior space as a textile.

I am inspired by Italian decorative patterns, minimalist artist including Donald Judd,
non-traditional and traditional printmaking techniques, as well as artists like Philip Taaffe
who does paintings that reflect some of the same relationships that I am interested in.
Design and fashion magazines also inspire me including Elle D├ęcor and Vogue.

I believe the senior seminar program will help me develop my process. I want to
challenge myself to focus my attention on a project where I begin with a single concept that
expands and becomes more cohesive over time. The project I am purposing would allow me
to do this by requiring much iteration before the final work is complete.

Decorative Patterns From Italy. Amsterdam: 1990.
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"Philip Taaffe.". Raymond Foye Ltd. Fine Art Services., n.d. Web. 13 Dec 2012.
• Urban “screen”
• I look for situations where the angle or vantage point of man-made urban objects
create a “screen effect” where you can look through the multiple layers of the subject
and new forms begin to be visible within the negative space of the structures. (My
documentation consists of all original photography taken by me in the greater
Boston area)
• I hope to document my process collectively beginning with the photographic studies
and ending with textiles perhaps as a secondary component to my final project.

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