Nicole Lariviere

Fabric Design and Branding

Fall Semester 2012
During the fall semester I started out by researching companies with a similar aesthetic to what 
plan on creating with my textile designs to gain an understanding of the language they used to 
explain their story. However, I realized I was getting a bit ahead of myself and needed to focus 
on the simpler elements of my process. Taking a step back to the roots of my inspiration I began 
to photograph Eastern Point in Gloucester, MA. I focussed on the colors, textures and forms of 
this location. I chose it because it’s a place that makes me feel calm, free and illuminated. The 
intention of the location is important in my design in an abstract way in that I want the design to 
emanate the way that I feel at said location (calm, free, illuminated, clean, pure). From the 
photographs I sketched in my moleskin interpretations of the forms and textures that I felt spoke 
to the location. I then scanned the sketches from the moleskin into my computer and traced them 
in Illustrator. Once they were traced I experimented loosely, allowing for mistakes to happen, with 
color and composition and bound these experiments into several books. I then began to focus on 
color and did so with intention. I photographed various places along the coast of the North Shore 
and derived a color specimen from the photos. To close the semester I ordered swatches of each 
design as well the color chart from Spoonflower as a first test of what everything will look like in 
production. I also made a video of the route I take along coastal rt. 127 to gather inspiration.

Spring Semester 2013
  • clean up and finalize designs
  • experiment with several compositions and color combinations / order from Spoonflower
  • narrow down color chart to a smaller collection
  • name colors and designs
  • name brand
  • define story
  • design logo, catalogue, website, tags
  • order final yardage of designs
  • make accessories/home decor with fabric for examples of use
  • design gallery exhibit