Dana Robinson

I Dream in 3-D
As I am approaching the last two semesters of my senior year, I realize how much
work I have ahead of me (and I couldn't be more excited). I am in the midst of creating and
curating the work for my illustration show, and wondering how it is going to fit together
with my upcoming design work. Though I understand that they do not have to relate to one
another in theme or topic, I do think that joining my graphic design project with my ongoing
illustration project is a good idea.

My illustration thesis focuses on illustrating dreams that I have documented in my
dream journal. I am fascinated with allowing my audience experience something that I know
is a very personal and singular experience. Entering into design seminar, I would like to
continue interpreting my dreams into visuals to share with my audience. I want to design
three-dimensional objects, with emphasis on books and packaging, that encapsulate specific
dreams I have had.

One thing I have learned from working on my illustration thesis is that the project is
continually changing over time. It is for this reason that I do not wish to assign myself specific
parameters for this assignment. My main goal is to create a cohesive series of books and
packages that allow my viewers to share in one or more aspects of my dream life.
Optimistically, I would like to create ten pieces for this project, and will set my
minimum number of pieces at four. The amount of projects completed will depend entirely
on the complexity and labor-intensive nature of each product.

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