Darek Bittner

Proposed Statement of Work
High Peaks Publishing House

abstract > content > medium > theme > context > needs || manifesto

Upon acceptance into graphic design seminar I plan to employ my design, 
craft, and writing centric skill set towards the foundation of High Peaks 
Publishing House whereupon I will bind editions of publications for real world 

Possible content for publications may include but will not be limited to graphs, 
maps, photography, poetry, prints, prose, and short stories all drawn, written 
or personally selected by myself from submissions from emergent contemporary 
artists in accordance to a standard of excellence enforced on behalf of High 
Peaks Publishing House.

High Peaks Publishing House will be capable of producing accordion books, 
brochures, codex books, digital formats, digital/analogue hybrid formats, 
and pamphlets printed with digital, letterpress, intaglio, relief, or silk screen 

My work prior to High Peaks Publishing House has focused on travel, self-
reliance, and the landscape often expressed with minimal geometric forms. 
These ideas and aesthetics will serve as a foundation in which future 
publications may or may not reference.

High Peaks Publishing House aligns with a historical lineage of designers, 
artists, and writers from whose ideals, philosophies, and visual aesthetics 
inspiration is conceptualized. The Arts and Crafts Movement, the Bauhaus school, 
Dada, Pop Art, Minimalism, and Design Art are the roots from which future 
publications will stem.

High Peaks Publishing House will act as a brand and therefore will require a 
logo, website, business cards, promotional posters, flyers, etc in order to most 
effectively distribute publications. The nuances of copyright and ownership will 
be further studied and considered if publications are to be legitimate, ready for 
distribution and or sale.

The book is a powerful and versatile container in which High Peaks Publishing 
House is immersed. The very nature of a container is to set boundaries. Setting 
boundaries unfolds opportunity to search inward, to dig infinitely deeper in pursuit 
of singularity between form and function, craft and design.

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